Composition Based Off Art

Art created and used with permission by Dennis Chan,

I decided to use only a single piece of concept art to create an entire piece of music. As is often the case when working on games, I am usually only given still images to arrive at a certain sound. In this case, I was not given any instruction for what kind of sound to go for, but my dissemination process went like this:

Composition Based Off Video - Film Scoring Demo 1

A new original score for the film "Alien"

To fully understand the challenges that are presented when scoring to completed film or visual cues, I took the intro sequence to the film "Alien" and created my own score to accompany the images. I tried to stay as true to the original source material as I could without ever actually referencing it.

I used a string sections playing deep tremolo notes to simulate the effect of the "background" space noise, as well as a vast number of orchestral clusters and echoes to obtain an ominous mood. One the camera enters the ship, I tried to give a strong sense of isolation to accompany the imagery. I wanted the overall ambiance of the space ship to be unnaturally loud and unnerving, mixed with some industrial clanks and scuffs to really amp up the paranoia. Lastly, the horrific ambient sound scrapes are faded away as the first sign of normal activity is seen in the computer monitor flickering on. I wanted to create a resolution for all the tension leading up to this point. Finally, the Hyper Chamber Scene changes the sound once again to a more rhythmic and recognizable sounding song format. I agonized over finding the exact tempo this song would have to be in order to sync up my own musical hooks with all of the visual cues. Things like doors opening, camera changes and facial expressions.

Due to certain "legal" issues, I had to put bars all over the screen for Youtube to let it pass the copyright algorithms. Sorry about that. You can download the unedited version witht he link at the bottom

Matt Creamer - Film Scoring Demo Reel 1 UNCENSORED *349MB*

Composition Based Off Video - Film Scoring Demo 2

Scored to a pre-made video of dodgeball highlights

It just so happens I play a lot of dodgeball when I am not making music. One of my friends in the Vancouver Dodgeball League invited me to score one of the highlight reel videos he made for the previous seasons playoffs. As with the Film Scoring Demo 1 video, I attempted to find a pulse for the video. A beat that I could begin to write to, where the visual cues would line up with the audio on their own. This one took a lot of fiddling with, but I believe I managed to find that pulse. There are points in this video where I attempt to illustrate a story. The song starts out very neutral and inspirational, but gradually shifts in to a more desparate and competitive sound. It happens to line up with a large string of clips where people are getting hit or caught out, which is the adversity aspect. I bring it all back to a neutral inspirational vibe for the end, which shows a lot of clips from a particularly intense grand finals series.

Since I did not edit the video, I apologize in advance for the lengthy dance sqeuence break in the middle. :P