About Me

I am a composer\sound designer from Canada that has worked on titles released for most major consoles and handhelds (PS3/4/5/PSP/Vita, Xbox 360/One, Nintendo WiiU/Switch/3DS ) as well and Android and iOS. My most notable releases would be Shakedown Hawaii and Retro City Rampage.

I began my career in 2002 creating 8bit NES music as a hobby, and eventually I became quite well known under the name Norrin_Radd.This snowballed into a long career creating not only that 8 bit music but all types of music from cinematic synth and orchestral to EDM and action genres for over 20 projects. My passion has definitely taken me well beyond those original hobby tracks and has transformed me into someone that is always able to extract the musicality of any sound or limitation. Whether it be physical hardware limitations, or the limitations of a very strict project, I will always find a way to bring a project to life.

Pre-Covid Releases

Recursive Eons - The Arrival

Slayin 2 Composer's Commentary

Slayin 2 Soundtrack Youtube

Matt Creamer Audio Highlights (2019)

Recursive Eons - Tough As Nails

Ben 10 Heroes OST

Recursive Eons - Future Midnight

Recursive Eons - Prolonged Anti Evolution

REcursive Eons - Neon Intonation

Matt Creamer - Scanlines of Rage

Blossom Tales - Rejected Overworld Theme

Dice Mage Online