UPDATE - October 06 2016

And it has been unleashed! My latest soundtrack and representation of everything I currently know about music. You owe it to yourselves to give it a stream and a smile. Frequency Modulation *always* smiles back. Hear as the the FM calls to you. Who are you to resist?! It's time to deny the forlorn prophecy and bring FM back to this, our Earthly realm!

In all seriousness, I am very proud of the obstacles I overcame with this album, and I am just really really happy that I can share it. Please feel free to share it with everyone!


UPDATE - October 05 2016

TREASURE BUSTER IS COMING OUT OCTOBER 6TH! TOMORROW! To celebrate, here is a brand new composition methods video where I break down the final boss theme song in all of it's grizzly detail! I didn't realize it until I was in the middle of recording, but there was actually a lot of thought processes that went in to the creation of this track. I tried to document every one of them with a helpful baked in annoation. Enjoy!

UPDATE - August 18 2016

I decided to try something new and make a Let's Play video for one of my favourite sports games of all time. SUPER DYNA'MIX BADMINTON! This is a gnarly game with a mosntrous learning curve. I take on the toughest team in the game and break down some of the nuances to the game play. All in the name of getting everyone hyped up for the Badminton Gold Medal game for the Upcoming Summer Olympics in Rio. Lee Chong Wei, all the way.

Use the dark grey power of the internet to find and check out this game for yourself and let me know if you can even score a single point. That learning curve is steep, but using my pro tips you will surely crush your enemies and see them driven before you!