I've been working on music and sound effects for video games since 2012, but music and audio have been my main focus for pretty much all my life. I tend to seek out the limits of whatever I am working on, in order to create something that sounds different than it's contemporaries. But I am also interested in solving musical and audio problems based on a criteria. If a developer doesn't have a strong direction for a game, I am more than happy to create an entire world of sound for the game to live and breath. If the developer has a very strict concept for the audio, I basically turn myself in to a musical scientist to figure out and clearly define what the criteria is, so that I can create something that exceeds expectation without breaking the limits. I am your musical assassin.

I am actively on the prowl for new projects to work on, so please email me at mattcreamer.bc at gmail.com if you would be interested in hearing a more focused piece of my portfolio.

Notable Releases

Matt Creamer - Tough As Nails

Shakedown Hawaii by Matt Creamer

Matt Creamer - Prolonged Anti Evolution

Dice Mage Online

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Notable Videos

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